PRO.FILE is a PLM/PDM/DMS platform that enables your entire enterprise to manage, control and integrate your product data and documents from the beginning to the end of your product lifecycle. It gives you end-to-end visibility into your organization’s processes and integrates with all major CAD and ERP systems. Using PRO.FILE as your Product Data and Document Backbone will allow you to build a sustainable and future proof foundation to move toward a fully digitalized environment

An integrated solution

Your one-stop solution for PDM/PLM and DMStec, a new category of DMS solutions tailored to manufacturing and engineering companies

Multi-CAD and multi-ERP

Supports all major MCAD and ECAD systems plus it comes with reliable ERP integrations for seamless processes

Easily Configurable

The PRO.FILE EASY.CON method eliminates the need to call in the software vendor every time you need a change

Open interfaces

The PRO.FILE Service API uses the REST API to support your mobile devices

What Our Customers Have to Say

See for yourself and benefit from what we have to offer

“It’s about gradually capturing and controlling all of our processes and the data they create… This approach has really helped us a great deal.”

“It used to be that we sometimes had multiple drawings at our different locations and no one knew which one was up to date. Now, we don’t have to worry about that anymore. PRO.FILE makes sure that the data we work with is always valid.”

Working With PRO.FILE

PRO.FILE makes your work easier and creates new opportunities

The ability to store and retrieve product related data and documents in a swift and accurate manner is critical to meeting tighter development cycles.

PRO.FILE provides a Product Data Backbone to securely and consistently store and retrieve your product knowledge. Data and documents generated from your mechanical, electrical, electronical and software development teams are managed in one fully integrated solution. The variant creation process is mostly automated and so is the provision of documents to your manufacturing and service teams. External partners are seamlessly integrated into your development process – without allowing external companies access to your PRO.FILE installation.

  • One system to manage all of your CAD data and product related documents
  • Variants are all well documented
  • Access your change history at the click of a button
  • BOMs are automatically transferred to the ERP system
  • Securely exchange entire assemblies with external companies such as partners or customers

Production planning is at the center of controlling your manufacturing processes but in order for it to work, it needs to be able to access any and all manufacturing data regarding your products. Having to search for this data is time consuming and prevents your teams from doing their jobs.

With PRO.FILE, we have developed an intelligent solution that automatically provides production planners and purchasers with the most current released version of product development data such as item master data and bills of materials, along with any related drawings in PDF or TIF format.

  • You can use PRO.FILE to compare variants and BOMs of different versions
  • Our data exchange platform PROOM provides a secure way to seamlessly exchange your technical documents with suppliers, partners or customers
  • PRO.FILE also helps you enforce guidelines for purchased parts

Errors found in drawings, NC programs, routings and other documents, once production is underway, can cause major headaches.

By managing your documents with PRO.FILE, you can systematically prevent this from happening. You can be rest assured that all documents are available on the production floor on time, in full, and in their most current version.

  • Your employees can access the most current drawings, NC programs, and other documents simply by clicking a button on their terminals
  • You can match batch related machine logs to products
  • You can ensure compliance with rules and regulations with complete audit trails of the manufacturing process

Good customer service has become a part of every successful product. With Industry 4.0 on the horizon, preventive maintenance and repair are gaining increasing importance and can help differentiate you from the competition.

PRO.FILE streamlines service delivery by providing complete control over your service processes.

  • Your service technicians can access all documents in the lifecycle file of a particular machine, while on location
  • Damage reports and/or pictures of the damage can be sent back to your customer support center directly from within the PROOM Mobile App. At your customer support center the information is matched to the machine in question and forwarded to the company’s quality managers and/or developers
  • Your service engineers can use electronic forms to capture their assigned data and automatically manage them

PRO.FILE also comes equipped with DMStec which allows you to manage all product related documents throughout your organization such as those generated in engineering, sales, quality assurance, purchasing, customer support, etc. DMStec managed documents are stored and integrated in the same Product Data Backbone, providing you with one source of the truth.

PRO.FILE works according to the “configuration over programming” principle. System implementation is fast and cost-effective and you can continue to configure PRO.FILE to match your requirements, for example by modifying user interfaces, classification systems, reports, or workflows.

  • Start with PRO.FILE’s out-of-the-box standards and then adapt them to suit your specific needs
  • Rely on our PRO.FILE customer service representatives to provide a single point of contact for any support needed
  • Map your processes to PRO.FILE
  • Conveniently exchange sensitive data – without allowing external companies access to your PRO.FILE installation
  • Benefit from PRO.FILE as an integrated system for all of your product data and document management needs

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