The Product Data Backbone

Manufacturing and Engineering Companies Build Products

Therefore, it is business critical to have a “Single Source of Truth” for all your data and documents that are directly linked to the product structures that you build

Has your company ever experienced any of the following?

  • Has your company ever built and delivered the wrong product because the shop floor was working off an incorrect version of a drawing?
  • Has production ever been delayed because the person who was manually entering BOM data made a mistake and wrong parts were ordered?
  • Can Engineers view up to date part information when designing a product and or is it faster for them to simply generate new part numbers of already existing parts?
  • Were wrong parts ever produced on the shop floor because they were working off the wrong version of the NC Toolpath program?
  • Has customer satisfaction levels suffered because the customer support group could not quickly and easily find all the emails and documents pertaining to a customer’s project, order or part?
  • Is “Time to Market” a challenge due to inefficient processes of sharing and accessing documents and data between departments, therefore having a direct negative impact on the bottom line?
The PRO.FILE Digital Product Data Backbone is the key to providing a Single Source of Truth about your product information while at the same time providing the foundation to automate Processes across your Company and integrate External Partners, Subsidiaries and Customers

DMStec, PDM/PLM in one system

Engineering and product related data is vaulted in structures, mirroring your product structure, in a single system

Configuration vs. Customization

PRO.FILE can be fully configured by the end user, therefore reducing implementation cost and on-going total cost of ownership

Best Practice Application Packages

PRO.CEED is a set of best practice application packages that focus on making your processes more efficient

Eliminate Data Silos

Consolidate your product related data and documents into the Product Data Backbone

Let us tell you a little more about DMStec with PRO.FILE

PRO.FILE Brochure

Find out how you can manage, control, and integrate your product data and documents with PRO.FILE by PROCAD


Find out how the PRO.FILE platform enables modern product and document lifecycle management

DMStec White Paper

Find out what Document Lifecycle Management for manufacturing and engineering companies is all about

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