Your Project: on Budget and on Time

Go live quickly and systematically with a proven implementation method

A well defined and proven approach

You don’t want a project of mammoth proportions. We will work closely with you and take a well defined and proven approach to implement your project. You can see the results right away and learn to configure any changes yourself. We call it the EASY.CON approach and it gets you where you need to be faster

On-time project delivery

We keep your project on time and on budget. Using our experience from more than 1,000 projects, we have developed project breakdown structures that allow you to stay on top of your project

Configuration rather than programming

You don’t want every single change to your solution to be an IT project of its own or worry about every software update. With PRO.FILE, standards and flexibility don’t have to be mutually exclusive, it’s the very nature of what we do. Via EASY.CON you learn how to configure the solution and therefore become highly adaptable to any change reqirements in your company

Configure the Impact

We believe in configuration rather than customization to get you where you need to be faster, on budget and on time

Same effort – greater impact

by focusing on your goals and delivering straightforward, honest solutions

Rapid implementation

based on project plans developed from more than 1,000 customer projects

Reduced costs

through faster project delivery and configuration rather than programming

Future-proof and independent

by ensuring upgradeability and user acceptance

Let us tell you a little more about PRO.FILE

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