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Headquartered in Groot-Ammers in the Netherlands, Paradigm Group is a supplier for the oil and gas industry that has partnered with Dutch PROCAD partner PLM Xpert.

Paradigm Group uses PRO.FILE to ensure end-to-end product lifecycle management. In its order processing, Paradigm generates vast amounts of customer-specific and highly confidential data and documents and the company needed a reliable way to protect this data.

Working with the professionals PLM Xpert, the company was able to configure a solution based on PRO.FILE that allows it to protect, manage, and control its confidential data according to its specific policies. Here, particular focus is directed at the data from its CAD system SolidEdge and the way they are accessed by internal and external employees.

In a young company like ours, it’s very important that we start out with accurate as-built data on the products we have delivered to our customers. We need our BOMs to be sound and the combination with the CAD system to work perfectly.