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Hosokawa Alpine

Hosokawa Alpine AG specializes in powder and particle processing and plastics processing. The company is a member of the international Hosokowa Micron Group and one of the leading manufacturers of blown film lines and complete systems for film finishing.

At Hosokawa Alpine, 250 users rely on PRO.FILE for their product data and document management needs. With PRO.FILE being suited for all major CAD systems, it also centralizes the data from the authoring system to make them available throughout the company.

Taking a gradual approach, the following solution was implemented with PRO.FILE: a common data and drawing management platform for all product data, including NC programs, centralized long-term archiving and integration with PSIpenta, an ERP system for the mechanical and plant engineering industries.

We wanted our 3D to be integrated with our electronic data management right from the start. The time saved storing files manually in a directory will actually lead to more time being spent unnecessarily on having to import them in the long run.