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No digital transformation without PDM/PLM software

Thursday, December 20 2018

PROCAD managing director Raimund Schlotman explores ways to step on the path to SMB digitalization at the MM Innovation Day 2018

Karlsruhe, December 20, 2018. A multitude of product data, or information, is generated along the way from development to service. Companies looking to digitalize their business have to put these different disciplines into coherence across the entire product lifecycle. PROCAD managing director Raimund Schlotmann states a simple truth: no digitalization without a Product Data Backbone. Consequently, the related presentation held by the IDG expert and titled “PDM/PLM – Structuring and Transforming Business Data and Processes” was met with great interest at the MM Innovation Day 2018.

Businesses shaping their digital transformation need to rethink their value proposition, that is, the value created for customers by the company and its products. After all, this field is subject to rapid changes as new technologies and business models emerge. The share of electronic and software components is continuously increasing. Complexity is mounting and must be digitally captured to allow product creation to keep the pace up – using a Product Data Backbone.

In his presentation to the participants of the MM Innovation Day 2018, Raimund Schlotman explained how they can leverage an integrated platform for product creation and product management (PDM/PLM system) to enable a fully digitalized product and document lifecycle.

“Digital transformation for SMBs” was the focus of the event held on November 21, 2018 at the MakerSpacer in Garching, Germany – a topic that Raimund Schlotmann, Managing Director of PROCAD, has explored in his practical and insightful book titled “Digitalisierung auf mittelständisch” (Digitalization in the language of SMBs).

The MM Innovation Day is designed as a beginner’s platform for Industry 4.0. The event was specifically created for companies that are just getting started with their digital transformation and want to tap into the benefits of Industry 4.0. About 65 participants, eight exhibiting companies, and 12 presenters came together on November 21 to discuss the first steps towards digitalized production.

Image: Raimund Schlotman during his presentation “PDM/PLM – Structuring and Transforming Business Data and Processes” at the MM Innovation Day 2018.