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Today, over 1,000 of the world’s most innovative medium and large enterprises have chosen PRO.FILE for their product and document lifecycle management needs



Flight Inspection Systems for Aerospace companies

2G Energy

Highly efficient modular, combined heat and power plants


Heavy duty spring components and related products for the automotive industry



Automation systems for multiple industries such as automotive, medical, electronic, etc.

Meyer Machines

Machinery for the textile and automotive industries

Moll Automation

Conveyor and end of line technology



Specializing in refrigeration engineering

Marchesini Group


Automated packaging machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

One fully integrated end-to-end DMStec, PDM and PLM solution

Manage, control and integrate your product data, documents and processes from the beginning to the end of your product lifecycle with PRO.FILE

An integrated solution

Your one-stop solution for PDM and DMStec, a new category of DMS solutions tailored to technical companies.

Multi-CAD and multi-ERP

Supports all major MCAD and ECAD systems. Comes with reliable ERP integrations for seamless processes.

Implementation through configuration

Rapid implementation. You’re in the driver’s seat and get to configure the solution yourself.

Open interfaces

PRO.FILE Service API. Uses the REST API to support your mobile devices.

Managing product complexity begins by efficiently managing your product data and documents

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A Step by Step Approach to Digitalization – all in one Fully Integrated Solution

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