„It used to be that we sometimes had multiple drawings at our different locations and no one knew which one was up to date. Now, we don’t have to worry about that anymore. PRO.FILE makes sure that the data we work with is always valid.”

„Quality and speed are the advantages that makes German toolmaking stand out from the global competition. Given today’s cost pressures, we wouldn’t be able maintain our position without PDM.”

„At bremenports, document management is a key building block of our IT-enabled infrastructure management. It used to be that the immense number of copies made it very difficult to know where the original document needed to be available in the first place. Rather than collecting department-specific data and organizing them by discipline, every document now only exists once in a single location and in electronic form. And you can rest assured that it’s the most current version.”

„We would have an employee uprising on our hands if we were to take the PDM system away from them again.”

„The collaboration in our company is much better integrated now. Document retrieval is more convenient and faster than ever and work has become so much easier for our engineers.”

„Every engineer can now see right away whether a purchased part is permitted, not permitted, or phased out. The effort of setting up this system has truly paid off: The number of newly created part master records of purchased parts in SAP has been reduced by 35% over the last 3 years.”