Webinar: Costs and benefits of PLM solutions

Every manufacturing company produces and manages Product Data (PDM) and manages the Lifecycle (PLM) of their products, weather you call it that or not. From prototyping to end-of-life, your product (data) runs through many processes, supported by varying degrees of different software tools. Where is the source of truth? And why create work that adds no value to your product?

In just 45 minutes, based on actual figures and real-life examples, your Key Take-aways are:

• save money by reusing parts
• avoid errors by synchronizing your master data
• gain full visibility into your change processes
• automate your documentation

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Date: 20.11.2015
Time: 9.00 am CET

Hugo Botter
Managing Director PLM Xpert
PRO.FILE Competence Center

Webcast Language: Dutch

Target Group:
This webinar is intended for People, who are looking to implement PDM/PLM Solutions and search for the right arguments to do so.