• 28. september 2018

Comparison and review portal confirms PROOM’s position as a specialized solution for technical companies. Major plus points include high level of security, file exchange in dedicated project rooms, and granular activity logging.

Karlsruhe, September 28, 2018: trusted, a comparison and review portal for cloud-based business tools, assessed the PROOM document exchange platform in a test of the 36 top cloud storage solutions. The testers particularly emphasized PROOM’s capabilities as a specialized solution for technical companies that allow them to securely and quickly send files and documents.

“PROOM is first and foremost designed as a platform for the exchange of documents and external collaboration in technical companies and is targeting technical B2B companies,” the reviewers pointed out. According to them, the exchange platform is ideally suited for large files such as technical 3D models, as exemplified by the way files are organized in a project room. Its user activity and access controls along with its high level of security drew particular praise.

With PROOM as their data exchange hub, technical companies can integrate their processes across company lines and are provided with an easy and confidential way to exchange documents with partners, customers, and suppliers. The software replaces conventional email and FTP solutions with modern, cloud-based project rooms. What’s more, its comprehensive commenting feature takes any related communication straight to the document, eliminating the need for separate email communications. Only recently, PROOM was ranked among the top solutions in a comparison of leading cloud storage offerings by the German testing institute Netzsieger.de.

You can find the trusted review (in German) at https://trusted.de/proom
For more information, go to https://www.procad.de/en/products/proom/

Image: PROOM: The leading exchange platform for technical companies

Image: PROOM placed among the top providers for cloud-based exchange platforms in a recent review by trusted