• 31. maart 2021

PROCAD strengthens its position as a provider of integrated PDM/PLM solutions with the purchase of CPQ provider ACATEC.

Karlsruhe, March 31, 2021. PROCAD acquired a majority stake in ACATEC, which complements the portfolio of the Germany-based PLM software vendor. ACATEC and PROCAD had been working together prior to the acquisition and when it became apparent that the partnership enabled both companies to achieve maximum synergies, an acquisition was the next logical step. By joining forces, PROCAD is expanding its offering along the product lifecycle value chain of its customers, becoming a one-stop shop for PLM and product configuration.

ACATEC and PROCAD will combine their product and service offerings and will work hand in hand to address this dynamic market. “This strategic acquisition will allow us to serve our customers even more comprehensively and add further value to their processes,” as PROCAD Managing Director (CEO) Gerhard Knoch points out. “Our philosophy remains the same: deliver results fast to our customers through ease of implementation and operation.” The acquisition is part of an international strategy that allows PROCAD to expand its long-established PLM portfolio with product configuration capabilities.

“Our companies share very similar cultures and missions”, adds Johann Dornbach, Managing Director (CTO) at PROCAD.  “What started out as a partnership, quickly turned into a very productive and close collaboration. We realized that by integrating the two solutions we could significantly accelerate our customers’ processes, for example when it comes to CAD automation. We just had to take that next step and make this relationship permanent.”

Henning Bitter, Managing Director at ACATEC, could not agree more. “The partnership with PROCAD has shown us early on that our collaboration not only greatly advances our shared goals, but also has the potential to accelerate our customers’ processes up to 20 times. In addition to increased market visibility, ACATEC also benefits from a strong parent company and its extensive product lifecycle management expertise”.