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Technical document management in high demand for project work

Thursday, June 13 2019

A study published by German trade journal QZ (Qualität und Zufriedenheit/quality and satisfaction) validates PROCAD’s DMStec approach of delivering a document man-agement system that best models the complex structures found in product-centric companies.

Karlsruhe, June 13, 2019: In product-centric industries, the issue of document man-agement poses a challenge that must be managed across departments and disciplines. A study conducted by d.velop AG and published by trade journal QZ has shown that digital storage structures are primarily used to document projects, customers, staff, products and suppliers. Today, products are manufactured against very tight dead-lines. To meet them, all departments involved in the process need to be able to work from a single source of truth where all relevant information about the project, custom-er, product, and supplier at hand comes together – an enterprise wide Product Data Backbone like PROCAD’s PRO.FILE DMStec system.

The project-driven work environments of product-centric companies impose specific requirements on document management systems. Documents from the different disciplines and departments must be brought together and kept complete and up to date at all times. For this field of application that manages documents while also putting them into context with technical product structures, a very specific discipline of DMS coined DMStec has made a name for itself. DMStec systems allow companies to model technical structures and create a Product Data Backbone which in turn serves as the basis for modelling digital workflows.

The study conducted by software vendor d.velop not only clearly highlights the business areas that most benefit from the use of DMS, it also outlines the business processes that are most relevant in a DMS context – project applications, order approval and invoice approval requests – for which PRO.FILE delivers the needed functionality. It enables companies to consistently integrate documents from across the enterprise in centralized digital files that in turn allow them to greatly simplify and automate their document processes. PROCAD has published a white paper on “Document Management in Complex Technical Structures” that summarizes all relevant facts about the subject.