DMStec for SAP

End-to-end enterprise solution for manufacturing and engineering companies

Manufacturing and engineering companies that use SAP ERP often face challenges when using product data management and product lifecycle management within SAP. PRO.FILE PLM and DMStec for SAP follows another concept and differentiates best practice PLM and DMStec from best practice ERP. PRO.FILE is used to manage product and engineering related data, documents and processes while being bi-directionally integrated with SAP ERP.


Once you have already made the decision to implement a PLM system or change your current PLM system, the next step is to decide which PLM system is best for your company.

SAP customers in particular have to make a key conceptual choice when selecting a PLM solution: Is running PLM within SAP ERP or running a dedicated PLM system that is integrated with SAP ERP a better solution for my company?

Every company has different requirements so there is no one answer but we believe running a dedicated PLM system such as PRO.FILE PLM that is bi-directionally integrated with SAP ERP has many distinct advantages.

PRO.FILE PLM for SAP connects the product data management of your CAD systems to SAP ERP. This ensures efficiency and eliminates errors in the automated exchange of objects and data (material masters, bill of materials, documents, change numbers, status) between development and design teams and purchasing/production and sales teams.

Advantages of PRO.FILE PLM for SAP

  • PRO.FILE PLM for SAP was specifically designed and built for the needs of product/plant engineering and product/plant development whereas ERP are specifically built for the needs of production, purchasing, delivery and finance
  • Configuration vs. customization – PRO.FILE PLM for SAP is a 100% configurable “no code” solution. This dramatically reduces your implementation cost and the TCO (Total cost of ownership) and your time to go live is measured in months, not years
  • PRO.FILE PLM for SAP includes CAD Data Management, DMStec, PRO.CEED Application Packages and bi-directional integration with SAP ERP. It’s an all in one solution, from one company
  • Manufacturing and Engineering companies that are focused on building and managing complex products/plants require a PLM system that was specifically designed for their requirements
  • A powerful API allows PRO.FILE customers to integrate other solutions and add apps as needed


Many companies already use a PDM/PLM system in their engineering  department for vaulting drawings and sending BOM data to SAP ERP. What these companies are missing is an easy out of the box, enterprise wide document management system that allows SAP users to store and retrieve product/plant related data and documents within a project folder and associate them directly with the structure of the product or plant that the company is building.
These companies require a Product Data  Backbone that securely stores and manages all product/plant related data including the information stored in the documents.

Why is this so important?

  • Document control – If all your enterprise wide product and plant related data and documents are stored and managed centrally and are integrated with SAP, you can start automating processes such as engineering change management (ECM).
  • Product liability – If your company has a product liability issue you need to be able to show every document and email that is linked with the respective product, the assembly, sub-assembly and actual part regardless of which department generated the information
  • Customer satisfaction – If a customer contacts you with an issue, you need to be able to solve the issue as quickly as possible and therefore the customer’s product/plant data and documents need to be easily and quickly accessible.
  • Digital thread – Whenever somebody in your company is looking for the right information that is connected with a particular machine, assembly or part and in the right version that is connected to a specific business process – they should be able to find it without asking the whole company or somebody that even left the company
Companies build products and plants so isn’t it logical that your product-related data and documents should be directly connected with the structure of your products or plants?
DMStec for SAP is an enterprise-wide DMS Solution developed for manufacturing and engineering companies that:

  • centralizes all your project related documents and key data in a Product Data Backbone
  • connects each document with the structure of your products, equipment, facilities
  • provides SAP users on the shop floor with the most recent version of a released drawing and also access to other product related data and documents
  • provides SAP users in purchasing with a fast and easy way to retrieve the most recent version of drawings and other important product, equipment and facility related data and documents
  • provides the customer satisfaction department with a “single source of truth” for customer-related product, equipment and facility data and documents
  • allows your company to automate key processes such as engineering change management.

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