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Proman GmbH implements collaborative PLM with PROOM

Friday, January 25 2019

PROCAD’s platform for the exchange of documents supports project management and the construction of petrochemical plants

Karlsruhe, Januar 25, 20019. Proman is a world leading engineering, procurement and construction group operating in the gas processing, petrochemical, steel, infrastructure, and automotive sectors. Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, the company’s engineering, procurement, and construction services (EPC) division plans and executes complex projects in more than twelve countries across four continents. In order to build and deliver turnkey plants on time and in budget, the company needs sophisticated project management tools. Proman leverages the PROOM exchange platform to exchange documents, establishing a collaborative PLM process across company lines; it is accompanied by the PRO.FILE PLM software to ensure automation and digitalization.

With PROOM as its data exchange hub, Proman is now able to leverage virtual project rooms to integrate its processes across company lines and to exchange documents with partners, customers, and suppliers in an straightforward and confidential way. The software replaces conventional email and FTP solutions with modern, cloud-based project rooms. What’s more, its comprehensive commenting feature takes any related communication straight to the document, eliminating any need for separate email communications.

The PLM solutions PRO.FILE gives Proman the ability to store comprehensive project documents in a way that complies with audit standards and to model a digital ‘document review cycle’. During the review cycle, Proman relies on PRO.FILE’s transmittal object – essentially a kind of packing slip to which documents can be attached – to monitor and document incoming and outgoing documents. The company leverages PROOM to send PDF versions of these web reports to external parties.

When Proman receives a document, the supplier also sends a transmittal through PROOM that is then stored in PRO.FILE. This gives everyone working on a project complete transparency as to when they received and sent which documents and in what status. The result: short response times, the ability to provide relevant information at any time, a seamless documentation experience, and document management across company lines.

Recently, the comparison and review portal “trusted” assessed the PROOM document exchange platform in a test of the 36 top cloud storage solutions and particularly emphasized its capabilities as a specialized solution for technical companies that allows them to securely and quickly send files and documents. On top of that PROOM was ranked among the top solutions in a comparison of leading cloud storage offerings by the German testing institute Netzsieger.de.


Netzsieger.de vergibt Top-Platzierung für die Dateiaustauschplattform PROOM
Image: Netzsieger.de ranks the PROOM file exchange platform among the top solutions

Header-Image: Document management and control using the virtual data rooms in PROOM