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PROCAD to become a digitalization partner to product-centric companies

Wednesday, October 14 2020

The maker of PLM and DMStec solutions is repositioning itself with its latest product generation PRO.FILE next to deliver an extensible platform for integrated information management.

Karlsruhe, October 14, 2020. With IoT and Industry 4.0 gaining increasing traction, it is becoming more and more important for companies to digitally transform their product engineering and embrace integrated information management. PROCAD is addressing these challenges with PRO.FILE next, its next-generation flagship solution and most important technological breakthrough in the past 20 years. It will be officially launched on November 3, 2020. PROCAD Managing Director Gerhard Knoch: “PRO.FILE next will allow companies to model their digital business processes using a cutting-edge, cloud-enabled platform. This gives product-centric companies a perfectly balanced PLM system that supports their day to day business needs and helps them realize their digital vision.”

Software today needs to grow with the business and it has to be agile to keep up with ever changing requirements. This makes it absolutely essential for a PLM/DMStec platform to provide a seamless experience, extensibility, and cross-enterprise capabilities. Furthermore, simple and flexible usability is the key to making it accessible to every department in the organization – and PRO.FILE next  delivers just that with an easily customizable interface, different apps, and application packages. This gives product-centric companies a cloud-enabled “no code” platform for the digital transformation of the product engineering and information management processes for their technical products and plants – a piece of technology that will help them increase their focus on managing the impact of their products.

In keeping up with the fast paced digital transformation, PROCAD has been developing its new platform over the past few years. Its release is coming at just the right time. With it, PROCAD has now outgrown its traditional role as a company specializing in design and development needs. In the age of digitalization, companies need cross-functional solutions like PRO.FILE next.

Out-of-the-box application packages as a shortcut to digitalization

In an effort to even better meet the needs of growth companies, PROCAD also recruited new talent and expanded its organizational structure. IT experts and practitioners are joining hands in the interdisciplinary development of new PLM/DMStec application packages. They turn best practices into software that is specifically tailored to the use case or process at hand. This is PROCAD’s way of responding to the new needs of companies pursuing various digital transformation objectives. Out-of-the-box packages help them achieve them faster and use configuration to adapt them to their specific requirements.

These measures enable PROCAD to successfully position itself as a digital transformation partner. For product-centric companies, this transformation involves three basic application groups: Office, the ERP realm, and product engineering/product management. PROCAD covers every aspect of the latter. The PLM/DMStec platform PRO.FILE next grows with the business and can be organizationally integrated with other digitalization solutions throughout the enterprise. The new brand image, a fresh new corporate design, and a revamped website reflect the company’s new identity in the world of PLM DMStec.