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Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf

In mid-2018, the City Utilities of Düsseldorf outsourced technical services such as power plant operation, city lighting, and high-voltage cables to the Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf mbH. The company uses the Identification System for Power Stations (KKS), which is the industry standard.

As a technical document management system (DMStec), PRO.FILE uses item classes and metadata to mirror the entire plant by attaching documents to the ID codes of every single  This creates a structure that is independent of the individual documents.

Simply by entering a KKS, users can pull up a list of documents and retrieve any related information: technical data sheets, circuit diagrams, flow diagrams and much more, saving them valuable time. Repair and maintenance teams and any affected departments can immediately access relevant documents in a structured and part-centric manner.

The company uses PRO.FILE as a DMStec system to:

  • structure the management of tens of thousands of power plant-related documents and data points
  • link every single document to the KKS code of each part
  • automatically transfer ECAD data to the DMStec system

Having PRO.FILE display these documents within the context of the power plant’s structure in day-to-day operation is extremely helpful. We never had anything like this structured and part-centric storage system in any of our previous power station units. With DMStec and the built-in check-in/check-out mechanisms, we are also eliminating the risk of working with outdated versions.