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Medtron AG

Headquartered in Saarbrücken, Germany, MEDTRON AG has been a globally active company working in the field of medical engineering for over 20 years. As one of the leading manufacturers of ultramodern contrast medium injectors, MEDTRON AG has made its name on the market and has customers around the globe.

In order to map its internal development and approval processes into a DMStec system, MEDTRON AG migrated thousands of documents to PRO.FILE as the central repository and structured them using metadata. The status management and information control capabilities of the DMStec system now provide a complete audit trail of all changes to a document along with the change process and its different access authorizations (creator, reviewer, approver). Quality assurance certificates are maintained in PRO.FILE and attached to the work instructions. It is now possible to seamlessly document which employee was trained based on which set of work instructions.

MEDTRON uses PRO.FILE as a document management system in its highly regulated environment to:

  • create and maintain quality management manuals
  • control development and approval processes through ECR – ECO – ECN
  • establish template management

We are a technology-driven company and for us, DMStec is the perfect approach to embrace the digitalization of document-heavy business processes. More so than any other vendor, PROCAD was able to meet all of our requirements.