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Aerodata AG

As a world leader in flight inspection systems, Aerodata AG develops customer-specific turnkey solutions for flight safety organizations, aircraft manufacturers, and operators of special mission aircraft and helicopters.

PRO.FILE provides a single tool for the management and provision of all design documents, part master data, and accompanying Office and PDF documents. This has enabled Aerodata to meet the complex requirements and approval procedures of aviation authorities and the ever more demanding quality management standards it must comply with. In the past, documentation used to be a daunting task for the company. With the PRO.FILE PLM and DMS solution, it now has a structured system in place that allows it to set up and manage standardized, multi-level workflows for its technical and other documents, enabling it to keep end-to-end performance records throughout every step of the process.

On top of that, Aerodata uses the virtual project room provided by PROOM to inform its customers about safety updates and product modifications and to provide them with accompanying documents such as manuals. Its customers, in turn, use PROOM to upload error logs that can then be immediately reviewed by headquarters.

With PRO.FILE, we no longer have to manually create item master data, instead it is automatically transmitted from the CAD/PLM environment. The bidirectional integration between the PLM system and the adjacent CAD and ERP systems makes work so much easier for us