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Extraordinarily successful fiscal year 2017/2018 for PLM software maker PROCAD

Wednesday, May 16 2018

Digitalization in mid-sized enterprises is taking the business performance of PROCAD, a company specializing in product and document lifecycle management (PDM/PLM/DMS), to new heights.

Karlsruhe, May 16, 2018. PROCAD GmbH & Co. KG stays on track to success and completes fiscal 2017/2018 (as of 03/31/2017) with a marked increase in revenues and orders. In addition to its domestic business, PROCAD focused strongly on expanding its international business ventures over these past twelve months and, with its vast partner network, was able to win new customers in the United States, Benelux, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.

The success of the software company, which was formed in 1985, is founded on its solutions for the digitalization of product and document lifecycle processes in mid-sized technical companies. The digitalization of business processes in product creation and product management is the key to the development of digitalized products.

In addition to the new employees recruited over the past fiscal year, PROCAD is currently mainly looking for software developers and project consultants to serve customers in overcoming the challenges that digitalization poses for them.

For PROCAD, the current fiscal year 2018/2019 is marked by the latest product generation PRO.FILE next, which is designed to assist customers in the implementation of their digitalization strategy. With it, PROCAD is taking its simplexity approach to the next level by avoiding unnecessary programming and making the digitalization of complex processes manageable through configuration.