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Confidential file exchange in medical engineering

Thursday, March 07 2019

Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH improves project team collaboration with the PROOM platform for document exchange and external collaboration.

Karlsruhe, March 7, 2019: German medical engineering firm Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH decided to implement the PROOM platform for document exchange and external collaboration. MMM is a full-range supplier of custom solutions in sterilization and disinfection for hospitals, laboratories, industrial service providers, and the industrial sector. MMM Group is a global player with approximately 1,100 employees and has been one of the leading system suppliers in the field of healthcare since its founding in 1954.

MMM leverages PROOM as an SaaS solution for the confidential exchange of documents and collaboration with external parties. PROOM can be deployed both on-premises and as an SaaS solution. Its high availability and the minimal time and effort involved for the internal IT department tipped the scales in favor of the cloud solution. By leveraging the platform hub, the company saw significant improvements in the quality of its project collaboration processes, particularly when it comes to the efficient and confidential exchange of documents. Before the introduction of the virtual exchange platform for project collaboration the company’s project teams were already using a filesharing cloud solution to exchange data and documents. It did, however, not allow them to assign granular permissions and instead of just the deltas it would synchronize the entire body of documents.

MMM’s goal was to have as many different employees and external parties as possible work from a central platform and with consistent data while keeping external parties from accessing internal documents and without limiting the access of MMM employees to the company’s information. PROOM does exactly this by offering virtual project rooms that allow users to exchange, edit, and version documents. This prevents any second-guessing as to which is the latest version and keeps everyone in the loop regarding open questions. “When you start out with a clear structure for the creation of rooms, folders, and permissions, PROOM is simply perfect to work with,” explains Thomas Weinberg (IT, Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH). “The added value of this solution lies in having a single platform for all files needed for external collaboration without having to deal with permission issues. We used to have to store data in separate locations so as not to give every user access to everything.”

Initially, PROOM was only intended for a single department that regularly exchanges documents with external and internal parties and was looking for a reliable permission structure. The system, however, proved such a success in such a short time that it was rolled out for other departments as well. PROOM’s acceptance among business users and in the IT department is high and it enabled MMM to quickly cure all of its past collaboration woes. Its ease of maintenance saves the IT department a lot of time and effort.

Image: Leveraging the virtual project rooms in PROOM to collaborate effectively and control how documents are exchanged