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Confidential document sharing at BRITA

Wednesday, October 23 2019

German BRITA GmbH, a leading international expert in the field of water optimization, relies on technology made by the platform pioneers at PROCAD.

Karlsruhe, October 23, 2019. BRITA GmbH has recently switched to the PROOM exchange platform to power the exchange of technical product documents with suppliers and design offices. Users with the appropriate authorizations can now use PROOM to easily track who sent what information and when the recipient accessed it. No one has to worry about the size of their files anymore. Before the switch, BRITA used to rely on FTP servers, email, the exchange of physical media, and non-authorized online sharing platforms. The disadvantages of this approach are apparent: Email is not secure and poorly suited for large files. With FTP transfer, companies lose control over older file versions, have insufficient activity logging, and are limited to uploads and downloads.

Initially, PROCAD provided BRITA with a cloud-based PROOM trial version. BRITA then held a supplier day to introduce the platform and the envisioned process and began to evaluate the system with select partners. At the time, BRITA’s decision-makers were somewhat skeptical as to whether they should use the platform in the cloud; eventually, they opted for PROCAD’s “Enterprise Private Cloud”. Martin Rydzy, Application Manager at BRITA GmbH: “Taking certain data privacy and data security requirements into account, we have come to view the cloud as a strategic solution and are using some of the services accordingly. Consequently, we chose the public cloud version over the private cloud version of PROOM.”

PROOM has a number of safeguards in place to ensure privacy and data security: Users need to be authenticated and require an encrypted password to access the platform. Custom permissions can be assigned on a project room and folder level and activity logs allow users to get an instant overview of who did what with which files and when. User have the option to set validity periods for project rooms and files, ensuring they cannot be automatically deleted. If PROOM is hosted by PROCAD – as is the case with the public cloud option used by BRITA – all files exchanged will be mirrored. In the event of a technical failure, users can continue to access their files without limitations.

Unlike other file sharing platforms, PROOM is designed for project collaboration and gives project teams complete control over and visibility into their collaboration activities. BRITA relies on the platform to exchange technical documents such as product documentation with suppliers and design offices. BRITA GmbH quickly expanded its use of the platform: Today, its facility managers exchange construction drawings with architects, sales and marketing reps share their presentations with distributors, agencies, and customers, accountants use PROOM to communicate with insurance companies, and purchasers use it to engage with their suppliers. Even the company’s many subsidiaries now rely on the platform to securely exchange files with one another.