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Communicating right on the document with PROOM 3.2

Thursday, July 12 2018

The latest version of PROCAD’s document exchange platform lets you communicate externally as easily and securely as you do internally.

Karlsruhe, July 4, 2018. Important documents sent as email attachments are always copies of the original, rendering the communication unreliable. Important/confidential documents are copied over and over again and their different versions are stored in different locations. PROOM 3.2 allows you to tie your communication about a specific document to that very document, eliminating the information silos created by the still common email and attachment approach.

Most people sending content in their private lives have long moved away from attaching tons of images or texts to emails. They rather use social media platforms or other generic platforms where others can comment on or even edit their content. And this is exactly the approach that businesses should be taking as well. With this in mind, the product and document lifecycle management experts at PROCAD have created PROOM, a central platform for the exchange of documents and external collaboration in technical companies. Its latest version 3.2 was recently released and now includes advanced commenting options.

Technical companies in particular that exchange many different documents and need to be able to communicate directly on the document with their external partners and suppliers will benefit from the features the document exchange platform PROOM has to offer. They create highly seamless process flows and provide superior visibility.

There is often a disconnect between what is being talked about (in email communications) and the actual version of a document. PROOM connects the two. Users can exchange documents in virtual project rooms where they can also edit and version them. This prevents any second-guessing as to which is the latest version and keeps every project member in the loop regarding open questions.

Version 3.2 comes with a number of new features that establish clear relationships and further improve collaboration. A new commenting feature expedites processing by taking any related communication straight to the document. With PROOM 3.2, it is now possible to add comments to each project room, folder, and file. They are stored, can be exported, and are maintained across the entire project lifecycle. Users can answer comments and add their own images and links to the comments.

In addition to other enhancements, PROOM 3.2 also includes a feature that ensures compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Companies can also choose from various options to implement their own data privacy policies.

For more information, go to PROOM.

Image: Virtual project rooms with PROOM: communicating on the document rather than communicating through countless mails with file attachments.